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Dultima is a search engine optimisation tool, developed for discovering basic web design mistakes the easiest possible way. Dultima will not tell you directly, how to rank on #1 for top payed keywords, but we can tell you, where you may have problems in web design, why your page loads so slowly or if your webmaster did not forget to include some basic information during website creating.

SEO analysis tool

Not every website owner can fill meta tags on his website. Are you really sure, that your webmaster did fill only relevant keywords on your website?

Link analysis

Internal or external links? What is the amount of external links on your page? Didn't you forget to remove some hidden links in design template?

Design analysis

Design is today's critical part of every website. If you are not a webdesigner, are you really sure he did a good job? Loading libraries you do not need, including CSS styles directly in your page code may harm your website speed, lower your income and your search engine positions.

Webhosting information

Do you want to know, where is your competitor's website hosted? Complete information including IP address and GPS coordinates.

Dultima is a brand new kind of web analytics tool. Simply enter your website name and we will analyse your website, show you the biggest errors and technical problems your should repair. We do not cache any results, so you always see live statistics.
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