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Type of content received: text/html
Last received HTTP code: 200
Last effective URL: http://www.godvine.com
Total transaction time in seconds for last transfer: 0.30386
Time in seconds until name resolving was complete: 0.007675
Time in seconds it took to establish the connection: 0.117793
Number of redirects: 0
Total number of bytes uploaded: 0
Total number of bytes downloaded: 0
Average download speed: 0
Average upload speed: 0
Total size of all headers received: 272
Content-length of download: -1
Specified size of upload: 0

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Meta tag ,,Author,, is empty. It's good to provide contact to author just for all cases.Meta tag ,,Robots,, is empty. For proper indexing by search engines, this is needed to have ,,Robots,, meta tag with ,,index,follow,, content.

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Description: watch the latest christian videos and gospel videos with other believers of christ at godvine.
Keywords: christian videos, gospel videos, christian pictures, christian community, religious videos, religious pictures, christianity, god
Google-site-verification: haygrm1ehesawmj2swgvy9ra5voltm21ljvcwatlmbe

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IP address:
Country of webhosting: United States
City: Sayreville

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